Folk Fest 2010

15 08 2010

Winder Binder will be hosting a booth at the annual Slotin’s Folk Fest, August 20-22, 2010. We’ll be featuring artists such as the chainsaw artist, known for his whimsical “polkie dotted” animals, JL Nipper. As well as Chattanooga’s own, Daniel Johnson known for his elaborate town-scapes, and beautifully carved doors. Atlanta favorites Charlie and Deb Henson with their handy man tools come to life. Chattanooga artist Whitney Nave Jones will be bringing her bright and inspired paintings that can’t help but make you a little nostalgic, Michael Wimmer, also of Chattanooga whose clocks and assemblages are made from antique objects formed in such a way you’ll wonder why it wasn’t made that way originally. We’re also welcoming David Hammock, of Arab Alabama and his collection of larger than life, animated metal sculptures. Joining as well will be artist Eddie Powell (info to follow).

Please make the trip to Atlanta to visit us and hundreds of other galleries and artists in a celebration of world-renowned Folk Art.



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