2nd Annual Nala Ren Memorial Art Show is this weekend!

6 11 2008
Wednesday, Nov. 5, 2008 , 10:04 a.m.

Winder Binder to raise funds for animals

Animal and art lovers are invited to celebrate their passions at Winder Binder Gallery of Folk Art Nov. 8 when the gallery hosts the 2nd annual Nala Ren Memorial Art Show.

“It’s kind of a perfect meshing of the art gallery and pet adoption because so much of the folk art that we have here has cats and dogs on it to begin with,” said Winder Binder owner David Smotherman, a longtime dog lover.

Named after Mr. Smotherman’s late dog, Nala Ren, the event will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. to benefit the McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center.


Winder Binder owner David Smotherman and his dog Abby will host the upcoming Nala Ren Memorial Art Show Nov. 8 to benefit the McKamey Animal Care and Adoption Center.

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To support the center Mr. Smotherman and the artists he represents will donate 25 percent of the day’s sales to McKamey.

While last year’s event raised $1,000 for the animal haven, Mr. Smotherman said he hopes to see the numbers double this year. Given the varied price range of the work that will be available, he said he is confident that his goal will be achieved.

According to Mr. Smotherman, the artists represented by his gallery are more than happy to help him with his mission.

“Most of the artists are willing to meet me halfway,” said Mr. Smotherman. “They’ll give part of their commission and I’ll give part of mine.”

The cost of the items that will be for sale will range from $50 to $500 with commissioned pet portraits going for a standard rate of $75 per painting.

At least two artists will be on hand to do pet portraits for customers, though Mr. Smotherman asks would-be patrons to bring pictures of their pets for the artists to work from rather than their pets themselves.

Mr. Smotherman’s own dogs, Abby and Ella, will be in attendance at the event, however, as Mr. Smotherman almost always keeps them around the shop.

“Even when you are having a bad day those dogs are still there wagging their tails,” he said.

Admission to the art show is free and hors d’oeuvres will be served.



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