May 3rd Special of the Day

3 05 2008

New to, each day we will have a special of the day…

Sometimes it will be a selected piece of art

Somtimes it will be a toy or a book or a Noog T-Shirt.

Sometimes we will just have one item…or sometimes we will have a large quantity.

Sometimes the item will be discounted.

Item will only be available the day of the special (if discounted)…you can order online (click the shop button for the link to our new ecommece site) or come by the store…or leave a comment “committing to purchase”.

What we pick each day will be totally random, so drop by often!

Jane Austen Action Figure
Jane Austen was one of the greatest English novelists in history. Despite a rather sheltered life, she was able to capture the subtleties of human interaction so perfectly that her novels continue to be immensely popular to this day. This 5-1/4″ (13.3 cm) tall, hard vinyl action figure comes with a book (Pride & Prejudice) and a writing desk with removable quill pen!

Regularly $8.95…May 3rd only…$6.71 (25% off)…only 3 in stock!

Jane Austen Figure at Shop Winder Binder Online




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