Winder Binder (+ festivals we produce) Essential Links

30 04 2008



Who-Fest [08]:

Art ’til Dark:

One Bridge Folk Art Festival:

eCommerce Store:




2 responses

1 05 2008
Alexa Lett

Virginia Webb told me to contact you regarding my art. She was advising me as to how to market it…and said, “I was perfect for your gallery.” I hope she is correct and you are willing to offer your opinion. I have a simple little website…a daily art blog…and photos on both. It sounds as though your calendar is quite busy, but, should you have a few moments to consider me for your gallery, I would be honored. I can be reached at this email:
or cell: 834-6633
Thank you for your time and consideration! Have a nice day!

2 05 2008

Hi David!
Thanks for the blog visit…glad you liked my Photography Walk…I love your gallery and what you do for the local artists…I have seen Alexa’s work and she is really good…
Great blog here…glad to see you found out how great free can be!

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